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Rosie's Outdoor Ed Experience || by Rosie

Every year in Middle School at Faith Academy, the entire school goes on what is called OUTDOOR ED. it’s a week long journey outside the metro for intense team-building, community outreach in the areas they will be, learning basic survival skills and a heap of fun & memories for everyone!

This ...

the little jungle boy - a post from rosie

It all started on Thursday. I was at ninis house. Me and Ate rose were inside and suddenly there was pounding on the door. i thought it was her neighbor Gi Shouk.

But then we herd this yelling”gusto ko pagkain mangyaring feed sa akin” which means feed me ...

my hour with my rosie - personal || vancouver photographer

today was student led open house at school…the kids have a stack of things to show their parents - work, art, projects - and talk about it all. most parents, i saw, were in there with their kid for about 20 minutes max.

my rosie does not know what a reader’s digest version ...

Hi...from Rosie

i am so happy that we get to move to the Philippines. i have so much family there and we have cousins there too. i will miss Burnaby so much but we will come and visit Canada.
i will miss all of my friends here so much but i will ...