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A great day for Magtayo ng Buhay!

what a great day! our months of paperwork has paid off!

Magtayo ng Buhay is finally incorporated with the Philippine government!

Photogs for a Cause || ProPhotogs giving back!



What an incredible year we have had at PFAC

We did our ‘soft launch’ in October of 2013 with 3 projects then hit 2014 full steam ahead! We did 42 projects from over 30 NGO (non government organizations), Outreaches and Ministries throughout Manila ...

Magtayo ng Buhay || Livelihood NGO in Manila, Philippines


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What started out as one of those “dreams” the summer of 2012 when Jonathan got sick, is slowly coming to life.

We have an incredible board of trustees for Magtayo ng Buhay (MnB) who not only are solid people in different places ...

Week 2 - Ate's "mansion"

The drive out to Ate’s place is always so lovely and serene. The view is absolutely spectacular before you head from the top of the mountain down into the valley.

 When Jonathan and I arrived, Ate was surprised to see Jonathan as he has never been out there yet. She was ...

Gentle Hands of India - The next step begins!

At the beginning of the year, Tracey went with Jonathan’s dad and 4 others to India. (You can read about that trip HERE)

Since then many months have gone by and lots of legal work and designing has gone on. (You can read about that on the GH of INDIA ...

there is hope in love

nothing could have prepared me for what my heart saw today.

we’re getting a referral patient today, by the way”, smiled my sisterinlaw. great timing too; our new nurse from australia had just arrived the night prior and what a fantastic way to “throw her in” to the lovely craziness.

she ...

today i walked a mile || life in tondo, manila

i had an idea of what to expect; since the first time we were in manila in 1996 we did outreaches and worked in very depressed areas where the poor lived. welfareville with my motherinlaw with kids and pregnant mothers. malabon with my sisterinlaw with families and abused & neglected ...