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What an incredible year we have had at PFAC

We did our ‘soft launch’ in October of 2013 with 3 projects then hit 2014 full steam ahead! We did 42 projects from over 30 NGO (non government organizations), Outreaches and Ministries throughout Manila ...

New post on Photogs for a Cause || Manila, Philippines

Just put up a recent post from this last weekend, of one of our PFAC (Photogs for a Cause) Affiliate Photographers who covered this one.

Go check it out :) 

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Growing pains of the Heart || Hope for Haiyan - Gentle Hands, Manila, Philippines


we have 5 orphans from tacloban coming this afternoon.”

The text i received from my hipag (sisterinlaw in Tagalog) came two days ago. I asked her if she knew any of their story. 

They were 5. And they were siblings.

That evening I received another text…this time it was photos ...