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Rosie's Outdoor Ed Experience || by Rosie

Every year in Middle School at Faith Academy, the entire school goes on what is called OUTDOOR ED. it’s a week long journey outside the metro for intense team-building, community outreach in the areas they will be, learning basic survival skills and a heap of fun & memories for everyone!

This ...

what?? an update? from us?? stop everything! :) - may 2012


Upload from May 02, 2012

We had REALLY great intentions of doing an every 2 months newsletter. No, really, we did! The amount of teams and visitors to GH and staying with us has been NONSTOP since December 21st! Christmas was busy and fun…New Years came and went with a bang! And Tracey ...

been a little crazy around these neck of the woods || by tracey

i had sent out our OCTOBER newsletter but forgot to post it on here. so HERE…take a read if you would like. :)

october jonathan was in north america with his fund-developer hat on for Gentle Hands. 16 days. so long! then i got a call if i was ...

our latest newsletter is online! - by tracey

getting a routine set and in place right after you’ve moved HALF WAY AROUND THE GLOBE  is always a challenge especially for someone like me who doesn’t do well with getting routines to STICK!

nonetheless i have uploaded our APRIL NEWSLETTER. simply click on the link below!


happy ...

Spring 2010 Newsletter to be delivered! || by tracey

we have just made up our first newsletter!


and  YOU can get one. :) there are two ways - snail mail and email.

for those of you wanting to “go green” simply drop me an email and i will get it to you!

and those who would like a coloured newsletter on recycled paper ...