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July 2014 - Summerbreak is over half gone!

Crazy to think that in just 3 weeks the kids will be registering for school and starting classes on July 29!

Speaking of kids, the manchild aka Caleb has been back in Manitoba, Canada working like he does every summer, with my cousin Blayne at his shop Prairie Barnwood. Caleb is ...

We're all in this together || Ate's House Project

Yesterday after Ate was finished working at our place, we all headed out to her place. 

As customary here, a new home, or a house that someone has just moved into, you have a house blessing. So that is what we did indeed!

I hadn’t been out to see Ate’s Home ...

Ate has a home!

Many of you are aware that at the end February we started a project - building a home for Ate Gina (see post here). Several of our friends, family and supporters from around the world wanted to be a part of this project - we have donors from Canada, the US, Australia ...

We are almost finished!! || Ate's House

Just before Easter Break, I made a trip out to Ate’s House…

What progress they have made!!

We are so excited! All that remains is to plaster the outside, finish the hallow blocks to the top of roof and get windows and doors put on it!

And Ate Gina is just grinning EAR TO ...

Week 2 - Ate's "mansion"

The drive out to Ate’s place is always so lovely and serene. The view is absolutely spectacular before you head from the top of the mountain down into the valley.

 When Jonathan and I arrived, Ate was surprised to see Jonathan as he has never been out there yet. She was ...

March 28 - Update on Ate's House

I made a surprise visit out to the site this morning…And I was really happy with what was going on!

Ate’s old house sat there on that empty space below and was relocated to her neighbors lot so Jimmy and the builders could start the beams and posts.

 The hollow blocks are ...

We are building a house!

Before the weekend, we got word that the wire transfer had come through for Ate’s House Project…yes!!!

By Monday, we had gotten it exchanged and headed out to her place to do one last assessment of where we were going to begin.

 The view across the street from Ate’s lot - big fields ...

Update on Ate's Home


The funds have come in and are being wired today, to get to us for next week!

THANK YOU AGAIN to all who have partnered with us in this project. Ate Gina is getting more excited as we talk about the planning of buying supplies and an ...

Let's Build Ate Gina a home || Manila, Philippines

Today I was talking with my “Ate Gina”- the lovely lady who helps me at our house during the week.

We are her employer - Kasambahay, or househelp, is part of Filipino culture here. Everything takes longer to do here - everything is not easy-peasy like at home in Canada.

Simple things ...

what?? an update? from us?? stop everything! :) - may 2012


Upload from May 02, 2012

We had REALLY great intentions of doing an every 2 months newsletter. No, really, we did! The amount of teams and visitors to GH and staying with us has been NONSTOP since December 21st! Christmas was busy and fun…New Years came and went with a bang! And Tracey ...

been a little crazy around these neck of the woods || by tracey

i had sent out our OCTOBER newsletter but forgot to post it on here. so HERE…take a read if you would like. :)

october jonathan was in north america with his fund-developer hat on for Gentle Hands. 16 days. so long! then i got a call if i was ...

and then my heart was full || by tracey

70 women. 70 headshots.

last february i went to the corrections institute for women (CIW) otherwise knows as the women’s prison. my motherinlaw was speaking at an event there. i went along to take photographs…that i wouldnt be able to show to the public, being as they are inside the prison.

but the ...

canada vs the philippines - western & eastern culture at it's finest

if you haven’t stayed up to snuff on my photo blog, i was in canada for 2 weeks in june to shoot the delightfully fun wedding of KYM & WINMARK. i had known since december 2010 that i was going back to shoot their wedding, just before we headed on ...

our latest newsletter is online! - by tracey

getting a routine set and in place right after you’ve moved HALF WAY AROUND THE GLOBE  is always a challenge especially for someone like me who doesn’t do well with getting routines to STICK!

nonetheless i have uploaded our APRIL NEWSLETTER. simply click on the link below!


happy ...

tickets booked: check! lots to do on to-do list: check, check, check!

i just got back from italy…i had put together a PHOTOTOUR and had an amazing time!

my hubs booked our tickets to manila a couple days before i got home. and had to be paid for by next week to get the good deal with philippine airlines. hmmmmmm.. that’s a big ...