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Gentle Hands of India || Children's Home in India


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It has been a trying year in India regarding the renovations project. (read more HERE if you didn’t get up to speed before).

Jonathan’s dad, Dennis, went to India before Christmas and met with an Indian gentleman, Ebi George, who runs several children’s homes ...

Gentle Hands of India - The next step begins!

At the beginning of the year, Tracey went with Jonathan’s dad and 4 others to India. (You can read about that trip HERE)

Since then many months have gone by and lots of legal work and designing has gone on. (You can read about that on the GH of INDIA ...

today i walked a mile || life in tondo, manila

i had an idea of what to expect; since the first time we were in manila in 1996 we did outreaches and worked in very depressed areas where the poor lived. welfareville with my motherinlaw with kids and pregnant mothers. malabon with my sisterinlaw with families and abused & neglected ...