2015 Itineraries


Jonathan goes to India with his dad in late February where they will start the set up of GENTLE HANDS OF INDIA Children’s Home. A group from the USA and Canada will be joining them there as well. 

He also has several trips lined up - 4 actually! - for speaking and fundraising in North America. More details as we confirm engagements but the months will be April, June, August and November. More details will be posted when he confirms all his speaking engagements in the next few weeks.

Tracey will be using Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences andBiblical Tour Advisors as a means of raising money for the projects we are involved in here - Photogs for a Cause (PFAC) and Magtayo ng Buhay (MnB) - as well as in Gentle Hands of India - GHoI. You can go on any of her itineraries and not only have an incredible time but know that you are supporting the ministries here.

Your traveling makes an impact in lives throughout Asia!

Check out our sites here:

The Tribe || Leadership Development

  the tribe logo.png

Jonathan continues to lead THE TRIBE, a leadership development training program at Church of God Makati where he has been on staff since August 2012.

In November, after some prayer and consideration, we decided that he would give his resignation at the church of being the lead pastor to being a lay elder. It not only gives more opportunity for the current leadership to broaden their experience but frees up Jonathan to continue to develop training modules and experiment with creating conversations and environments that allow culture and theology to intersect (more coming on this soon!).

He has since moved his office to our house and has adjusted fairly well there. :) Jonathan is excited for what lies ahead for him - opportunities to be involved more with what we are doing here through MnB, opportunities in the future ministry in Turkey, as well as some specialized teaching and speaking in different venues in the Philippines and North America.

Photogs for a Cause || ProPhotogs giving back!



What an incredible year we have had at PFAC

We did our ‘soft launch’ in October of 2013 with 3 projects then hit 2014 full steam ahead! We did 42 projects from over 30 NGO (non government organizations), Outreaches and Ministries throughout Manila, Zambales, Kalinga and Palawan!

We have over 25 volunteer photographers throughout Metro Manila and some in the southern Philippines, who have given back and contributed to some of these projects.

We anticipate our numbers - both projects and photographers - doubling this year. Tracey is speaking in various camera clubs throughout the year, giving opportunity to photographers to be involved, as well as has been doing some short speaking engagements on how she gets to use her photography as a means of giving back and partnering with many NGOs and ministries throughout the Philippines.

This year, PFAC will be doing some international projects throughout Asia, so that is super exciting to see!

 We hope to have some opportunity this coming year for international photographer friends to come and do some specific projects here with us, so keep that in mind when you are thinking of “taking a holiday” - you can come work with us, and give back on the same trip!

Gentle Hands of India || Children's Home in India


gh india logo JPEG.jpg


It has been a trying year in India regarding the renovations project. (read more HERE if you didn’t get up to speed before).

Jonathan’s dad, Dennis, went to India before Christmas and met with an Indian gentleman, Ebi George, who runs several children’s homes north of Chennai, in Kerala.

After much discussion and prayer, it has been decided to not push through with fighting for the “rights” of the building project in Chennai. It wasn’t a hard decision: spending money that can be used to minister to the many children of India on legal fees that may or may not resolve is not what we intended.

So we are going to work with Ebi George and open a home in his area by simply renting a house and beginning. He has even agreed to help us by overseeing it as well.

This is so exciting! FINALLY we will be able to take in orphans and show them love and hope that they so desperately need!

It will initially cost about $3000 per month to run the home  - expenses to run a home, a modest salary for house parents.

Magtayo ng Buhay || Livelihood NGO in Manila, Philippines


 magtayo ng buhay logo 2.jpg



What started out as one of those “dreams” the summer of 2012 when Jonathan got sick, is slowly coming to life.

We have an incredible board of trustees for Magtayo ng Buhay (MnB) who not only are solid people in different places in life, but are really stoked about the vision and mission of MnB. It’s amazing the gifts that each bring to the table and how they are involved in MnB.

As of January 23 we are ALMOST finished with our SEC documents which makes us “legit” with the Philippine Government. We got the word that DSWD (Dept of Social Welfare and Development) has endorsed us and so the documents now just get SEC approved and we are set!

April we will launch our first “Discovery Workshops” - 4 Saturdays focusing on a specific craft from portrait drawing, silk screen printing, upcycling & jewelry making. We will be partnering with already establish organizations in underpriviledged areas, first one in Manila. From this workshop, those enrolled will be able to find what they love to do and then will go to the next level or specialized workshop and mentoring while beginning to make goods that we will be selling online as well as marketing to businesses in Manila.

A Woodshop is also in the works for opening this spring for our carpenters as the projects we have done so far cannot be done in our garage anymore, as neighbors are complaining of noise. :)

We have many areas for people to be involved in this: teaching a workshop, volunteering at a workshop, giving specific items for workshops, or simply supporting the operations of MnB monthly (marketing person, woodshop rental, etc).

We really need to hire a part-time marketer for the organization who will “sell” us to businesses to distribute the goods we make. Please keep this in your prayers and if you know anyhow who you think would be interested - both locally or abroad - send us a note.

Happy New Year!


Hi dear family and friends! Happy New Year to you! We hope your year ended great and that you are excited about what this year has in store.

The verse above is one that we keep in the forefront of all we do - We don’t do all these cool and amazing outreaches and ministries for no reason - we do them because God has dreamed them in our heart and we are simply walking out these dreams, and you are such a part of them.

We are super excited for all that 2015 has for what we are doing here in the Philippines and beyond.

The next few posts are some updates on what all we are doing here!

Thinking outside the box!

As missionaries, one of the things we do is raise awareness and funding for all the projects we are involved in.

Photogs for a Cause, Inc.Gentle Hands of India and now Magtayo ng Buhay, Inc are some of our main focuses.



A Network of professional and serious hobbyist Filipino photographers giving back to NGOs, outreaches and other ministries through pro bono photography. 


gh india logo JPEG.jpg

A Children’s home and ministry based in India, founded by Dennis & Denie Heppner, Jonathan’s parents.


magtayo ng buhay logo 2.jpg

A purpose-driven and transformative non-profit organization providing livelihood assistance to gifted yet underprivileged individuals and communities all over the Philippines.


We have a new and awesome way you can be involved in these if you are not already.

I (Tracey) have had the privilege of traveling for work and have recently come back from Turkey. While there I established a company - Biblical Tour Advisor -  based there and in Manila, and really anywhere else I am/will be! I am working with an English-speaking Turk who has 20 years of experience and passion for Biblical Tours.

We organize top of the line, quality and care Biblical Itineraries. These can be for your church, a group, a seminary group, a university group, you decide.

The cool thing? The profits we make go directly to our above projects!

So basically you get to experience an amazing itinerary and support what we are doing at the same time! 

I have even thought this would be a cool thing to do with Jonathan leading a group specifically for our supporters and have his commentary through it! :)


August 2014 Update || Rain, Back to School & New Chapters


July 2014 - Summerbreak is over half gone!

Crazy to think that in just 3 weeks the kids will be registering for school and starting classes on July 29!

Speaking of kids, the manchild aka Caleb has been back in Manitoba, Canada working like he does every summer, with my cousin Blayne at his shop Prairie Barnwood. Caleb is excited to be working - not only does it give him some independence from us but he is saving to buy a new guitar or something music related for his “studio” to record. His skills are MAD crazy!

Check it out this instagram clip he posted here: 

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 7.58.54 AM.png

Rosie just finished participating in my PHOTOCAMP I held for Missionary Kids (MKs) last week. She did really great! I didn’t know she had so much photography talent inside! So cool to see! Next week she is going to youth camp in the province for Expats/Foreigners…so she is excited. :) Here’s one of my favorite shots of hers from last week’s photocamp:


Photogs for a Cause has been having a busy summer thus far! With several projects in May and June  - check them out on the PFAC BLOG - and participating in an amazing event with Tracey’s good friend and photographer, Pilar, at the PCMC (Philippine Children’s Medical Center). PORTRAITS of LOVE was an all morning event that was absolutely beautiful and am so blessed to have been a part of. Watch the short video that was made of our day:


Portaits of Love from jcrudio on Vimeo.

Another part of what we are doing, in its infancy is Magtayo ng Buhay - it is an entrepreneurship mentoring program for Filipinos who already have talents and trades but no education to enhance their trade to make a sustainable living for themselves and their families. There is a lot of paperwork to be done and the foundation of how it will all work is still be combed through over and over…but we are excited at the potential of this program and that not only will it benefit many in need of such a program but it will allow Filipino and business people from abroad to come help out and give back by teaching and mentoring. In the next month or so we will be launching our Facebook page where you can follow us and be involved in what we are doing there. 


One of the things we are seeing we need is a Windows-based computer for the Magtayo ng Buhay and for PFAC as most Filipinos use Windows-based computers. This will be used to keep our records all in order, to do up word documents, etc, making databases, and so much more as we teach others how to do these sorts of things.

We expect it to be about $400 for a decent computer for this. If you would like to partner with us for this tool that will be helping in these areas of what we do here, please contact us! :)

Jonathan has been doing lots of preaching while his dad is away on a 3 month sabbatical. He’s been doing well, balancing all the extra responsibility…some of what he was doing before has been put on hold to do what is at hand to do while his dad is away. All of his sermons, which are really awesome i might add, can be heard on the podcast here: 

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.31.42 AM.png


That about wraps up this brief update on what’s going on with us! Thank you for all your love and prayers and financial support that keeps us doing what we are doing here. ALL of it makes you an arm of what we are doing here - thank you for partnering with us!

Until next update!

We're all in this together || Ate's House Project

Yesterday after Ate was finished working at our place, we all headed out to her place. 

As customary here, a new home, or a house that someone has just moved into, you have a house blessing. So that is what we did indeed!

I hadn’t been out to see Ate’s Home since just before it was finished.I was so thrilled to see it finished by our workers and what she had done with the place.


The kitchen sink and counter was new to me - they were just going to do it after I had seen the house last.

It was very precious - after we had painted caleb’s room we had some paint left. I had mentioned to Ate that she could have it for her house if she wanted to paint the wooden walls in her place

(The wooden walls - the plywood they used to make the shelter for the supplies - she had them make her walls out of them. She is so matipid = thrifty! So she was able to make her walls for the two bedrooms and CR (restroom). So awesome!)

And lo and behold, not only were her walls painted red, she decorated the raw hallow blocks with some color too!

(The raw hallow blocks - we had agreed to make the walls and roof for her home and make sure it was weatherproof on the outside by sealing with the smooth concrete. Every payday she puts a little bit towards getting the walls inside done - a bag of cement here, a bag of cement there. She is determined to do what she can do to finish her home herself one day. Many homes in the province go unfinished as it’s not a priority. Ate has a goal and we are convinced she will reach it!)


We brought a little merienda, or light meal for the house blessing - it was so fun to eat together in Ate’s home!


Her gorgeous red walls! And the doors to the CR on left and her room in the middle.WP_20140524_16_08_41_Pro.jpg

Her room. so lovely!


She has since had an electrician to come in and run some wiring so she has a couple of lights and a couple of electrical outlets. Her electricity got hooked up a week or so after it was completed. The crazy thing is that her neighbors have been waiting more than a year for their electricity being hooked up - Ate was so excited at how speedy it was. God is cool like that!

She also was able to lay some linoleum type flooring, buy some solid windows. It was so awesome to see her taking ownership of her home. :)

Jonathan praying over Ate’s houseWP_20140524_16_11_56_Pro.jpg

Remember what her old house looked like? 


We are so excited and relieved that she now has a home that she will not have to worry about the elements affecting her. And it was finished before rainy season starts!


Thank you ALL for giving to Ate’s House. Without you, we could not have done this. 

She told me as we were leaving yesterday, “Thank you. Forever thank you. I love my house. I am always excited to get home after work because I get to come home to this.”

My heart was full. May your heart be full as well. Knowing that God does really cool things with those who are willing. And with just a little money and a lot of heart, we - together - can change a life.

What a wonderful thing!

All our love,

JTCA and Ate Gina!