The Weekly Manila Post - March 7. 2016


Update on the Woodshop & Discovery Workshops

This year has started on a great note with Magtayo:

  • A couple of projects for Jimmy, our carpenter, have kept him busy and just enough to pay the bills! We pray that as the woodshop expands, he will be able to sustain his family completely.
  • Jaszmyn, Jimmy’s daughter, is FULL TIME in school now in the Special Education Program. She is doing well and Jimmy & his wife are grateful that her daughter can now see properly (thanks to the operation she had last fall) and is now able to resume her studies.
  • We have met with an existing NGO which runs a daycare and preschool and is based in a depressed community - the poorest of the poor in that area. Our talks were great - we connected on so many levels and are going to do our pilot DISCOVERY WORKSHOPS with their community.  Discovery Workshops are 4 days (either consecutively or weekly for 4 weeks) where we bring different livelihood means - handicrafts, silk screen printing, baking, etc - and allow the particpants to “discover” what they love doing and then can make a livelihood with. We are EXCITED to start this with them!
  • The same NGO has property on an island that was struck by the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan 2 years ago which they have 8 hectares…and want to do a livelihood farm on some of it! How awesome! We are talking about the partnership this can become in the future as well!

Some scenes from the Woodshop…
Jimmy doing some sanding and staining on a rustic Entertainment Unit.
Jimmy and his brotherinlaw working on a desk unit before it gets sanded and painted.
The beginnings of some old wood being transformed into furniture.

We need SPONSORSHIP for Jaszmyn’s education.

Amazing to see this confident young girl transformed from a timid insecure one, all because of a simple eye operation.

Thank You ALL who were a part of this miracle!

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