Happy New Year!

Dear Friends!

What an exciting time we live in.  We see the hand of God going before us in so many exciting ways.  

It has been a while since we wrote to bring everyone up to speed on what we are doing:

Magtayo ng Buhay is a ministry specifically focused on providing skills, education, training, mentorship, micro-financing and opportunity for the poorest of the poor to be proactive in changing their life circumstances.  Our goal is to develop a network of small businesses and partnerships throughout the Philippines that affect local communities and their sustainability.  We have started with developing a wood shop in co-operation with Prairie Barnwood from Morden, MB.  We have open doors to work with tribal groups making textiles, starting farms, and several developing ideas in the food industry.

Photog’s for a Cause (PFAC) is simply a bridge that goes between Non-Profits/Charities who have little or no budget for photography needs for their marketing, awareness, website, and any other official Non-Profits/Charities use. The photographers are able to “give back” by donating their time, talent and images to a Non-Profits/Charities needing a professional photographer… pro bono.

Biblical Tour Advisor & Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences. We organize and lead cultural and biblical itineraries for people who want to ‘earth out’ their faith and explore the world. These are uniquely designed for churches, small groups, seminary groups, or just a group of friends… you decide. The intention is that this will not only be a profit generating venture for ministry endeavours, but that it will open doors in closed countries.  We are believing that all of our present ministry is a preparation for coming ministry in Turkey.  (****more on this soon!****)  

Gentle Hands India.  There are 20 million orphans in India, some sources say closer to 35 million. 11 million are abandoned, and of those, 90% are girls. 3 million live on the streets. There are between 20 to 50 million child labourers. Over 1.2 millions are locked in child prostitution. Gentle Hands of India is a voice of hope. We are opening homes throughout India to house, parent, raise, educate and love children who are without hope.

The Tribe is a developmental environment for dreamer, visionaries, lovers of God and people, artists, misfits and leaders. This is a program designed to be a journey of discovery and growth, filled with the potential of awakening His intention within the life of a believer. Initially, it was designed to be run within the local church. But we are in process of developing a Teaching and Missions Exposure Module specifically designed for people who live in Canada and the US who are hungry to grow but have limited time. These week long whirlwind ministry exposure and training modules will happen in the Philippines and then be followed up with online conversation and interaction. (****more on this soon!****)

We will begin sending out monthly updates on each area of our work in the coming months.

We are so thankful for you.

Jonathan, Tracey, Caleb and Rosie

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