The Weekly Manila Post - Feb 5, 2016

Magtayo ng Buhay

The year began and several cool developments have transpired with Magtayo ng Buhay, our livelihood NGO

  • There IS $ available from a local Rotary Club for putting up a Bakery Project in Ate Gina’s place! An occular and meeting is in the next few weeks.
  • We continue to get projects for our Woodshop Project to keep Jimmy busy and challenged!
  • Another 2 livelihood projects are in the works - one in the city and one outside the city.
  • We are meeting with several missionaries in the next couple weeks on how to partner with them in already established communities with Discovery Workshops to determine what people are good at doing. Collaboration is awesome!

If you want, check out our Facebook page and see what’s going on, new projects and other great things regarding Magtayo ng Buhay!

Jonathan is finally taking “writing a book” seriously. An outline of several have been sighted on his desk. There were whispers of drafts being done by the summertime. This is awesome.
There are great Travel Experiences scheduled for 2016 through Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences. Check them out and consider booking one; it supports all we are doing here.
We had David, Greg and Alex from the USA with us a couple weeks ago from the USA. They are with Defender of the Fatherless and support our ministries in different ways here.
The Girls Varsity Basketball team that Rosie is on placed 3rd in the yearly Hardeman Tournament. They leave for their last tournament in less than 2 weeks - to Malaysia!
Once again, Caleb and his classmate and friend Alex ROCKED Talent Night. :)
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