Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas!  Maligayang Pasko! Mutlu Noeller! Eid Milad Saeid!  חג מולד שמח!  καλά Χριστούγεννα!  

I am currently writing whilst flying over the pacific ocean, Tracey is on a boat from Turkey to Greece, Caleb has just returned from India to Australia, and Rosie holds down the fort in Manila. What a life we live.  

We wanted to drop you a note before the Christmas season is fully upon us and let you know what has been happening on several fronts:


Our Livelihood Projects: Magtayo Ng Buhay
 (which means “Build a Life”)

This ministry is focused on providing skills, education, training, mentorship, micro-financing and opportunities for the poorest of the poor to be proactive in changing their life circumstances. To this end we are working to develop a network of small businesses throughout the Philippines that create the opportunity for social and cultural change.

OUR WOODSHOP is in full swing.  We have partnered with several other ministries and have seen a surge of interest and excitement.  
Our shop has moved location and our carpenter Jimmy is busy and excited about the long list of orders and potential jobs that continue to pile up.  
We are working hard at relocating his family closer to our shop in the early part of 2017.
We are also believing that next year we will be able to add more carpenters and their families to our Magtayo family.  


Our BAKERY This has been a slow burn development over the last 18 months.  We have been working in partnership with the Rotary Club of Makati and the doors are continuing to open. They have donated all of the bakery equipment and we are hoping to begin construction on the bakery in February or March.  
This bakery will employ several families and provide fresh baked goods to a community of 15,000 people without a place to buy fresh bread.


OUR SEWING CENTRE.  Another Rotary collaboration that has developed in the last 6 months.  We are hoping that in January we will have our 6 donated machines ready for operation.  
We are planning to build additional rooms onto our bakery to provide a centralized space as we continue to add livelihood opportunities to those without the means to build a life.  
We have partnered with another local ministry and have already put our seamstresses to work making hand made mats.  They are excited for larger projects.

OUR FARM. We continue to have conversations with local ministries and farmers from the west as to how to tackle the dream of opening farms that grow food sustainably and raise quality animals.  
We are believing that this will be the year when we will gain the traction needed to make this happen.



*more on these projects will be coming in new year*
 If you are not part of the Magtayo ng Buhay facebook page, like us and stay up on the latest developments:

As I write , Tracey is doing taking the first step in our investigative process, gathering data, connecting with local outreaches and non-profits, speaking with locals and getting the lay of the land.  

 We covet your prayers as we unpack this dream.  We are dreaming of taking all we have done, all we have learned and transplanting in this place of great need.  It is overwhelming as we learned this week, Turkey has begun to jettison 3000 refugees a day into Greece.  

 We are looking at “setting up shop’ in the island of Lesvos, just off the coast of Turkey, which is the first stop for refugees coming out of Turkey and only a short boat ride to the mainland of Turkey.  


 It is here we believe all that we are doing now in the Philippines and Asia will serve us as we stretch into the Near East.
 In the New Year we will send you a detailed report that outlines what we have learned and what we feel to being led to do there.

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