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It has been a trying year in India regarding the renovations project. (read more HERE if you didn’t get up to speed before).

Jonathan’s dad, Dennis, went to India before Christmas and met with an Indian gentleman, Ebi George, who runs several children’s homes north of Chennai, in Kerala.

After much discussion and prayer, it has been decided to not push through with fighting for the “rights” of the building project in Chennai. It wasn’t a hard decision: spending money that can be used to minister to the many children of India on legal fees that may or may not resolve is not what we intended.

So we are going to work with Ebi George and open a home in his area by simply renting a house and beginning. He has even agreed to help us by overseeing it as well.

This is so exciting! FINALLY we will be able to take in orphans and show them love and hope that they so desperately need!

It will initially cost about $3000 per month to run the home  - expenses to run a home, a modest salary for house parents.

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