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What started out as one of those “dreams” the summer of 2012 when Jonathan got sick, is slowly coming to life.

We have an incredible board of trustees for Magtayo ng Buhay (MnB) who not only are solid people in different places in life, but are really stoked about the vision and mission of MnB. It’s amazing the gifts that each bring to the table and how they are involved in MnB.

As of January 23 we are ALMOST finished with our SEC documents which makes us “legit” with the Philippine Government. We got the word that DSWD (Dept of Social Welfare and Development) has endorsed us and so the documents now just get SEC approved and we are set!

April we will launch our first “Discovery Workshops” - 4 Saturdays focusing on a specific craft from portrait drawing, silk screen printing, upcycling & jewelry making. We will be partnering with already establish organizations in underpriviledged areas, first one in Manila. From this workshop, those enrolled will be able to find what they love to do and then will go to the next level or specialized workshop and mentoring while beginning to make goods that we will be selling online as well as marketing to businesses in Manila.

A Woodshop is also in the works for opening this spring for our carpenters as the projects we have done so far cannot be done in our garage anymore, as neighbors are complaining of noise. :)

We have many areas for people to be involved in this: teaching a workshop, volunteering at a workshop, giving specific items for workshops, or simply supporting the operations of MnB monthly (marketing person, woodshop rental, etc).

We really need to hire a part-time marketer for the organization who will “sell” us to businesses to distribute the goods we make. Please keep this in your prayers and if you know anyhow who you think would be interested - both locally or abroad - send us a note.

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