A trip to the Mountains this month!



This coming Feb 19 - 23, Caleb and I will be going up to the mountains. 
We will be in Tabuk and then in the Butbut tribe of Buscalan.

The above photo is when I last visited here - in 1996!

We will be giving out clothes to the kids, as well doing some Photogs for a Cause, Inc. work by photographing each family outside their home and giving them a photo onsite (I am talking with EPSON to HOPEFULLY donate the use of one of the printers and the photo paper to print up there!)

We want to be able to give out canned goods and a couple sacs of rice as well as some other items like matches and such that are very helpful for the tribal folks.

If you would like to donate for us to purchase any of the canned goods or sac of rice, please contact us. We would love to be able to bless them big and you can be a huge part of that!

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