A Summer Update! - August 2015

It’s time for a summer update! 

smile emoticon It’s been quiet around these parts of the internet not because we aren’t doing anything,

but quite the OPPOSITE!



The Summer break here is from end of May to end of July. Jonathan had a month long trip to the west - several different meetings and such. I took a couple groups on some leisure trips to Morocco and Turkey.  Caleb spent two weeks volunteering in July at an Expat Camp, as a counselor, and Annarose spent a couple weeks with friends and her grandparents in Manila while both of us were away. It was busy!

We had some visitors come for a quick visit - Greg, Jessica and their group from the USA were over at Gentle Hands with Jonathan’s sister and we were able to get together a couple times while they were here. Bernine came for 10 days while renewing her Thai visa where her and her hubs are for some months, so that was fun!

I was able to take the kids away for a couple days to the beach nearby in June with my friend JO and her little girl so that was nice to start the summer break! And we ended the break with our little family using some airmiles to go down to Boracay for a week and stay for some family R&R and 20th wedding anniversary. :)


We were able to spend time with many of our Manila friends too, having coffees and dinners and hanging out - Not sure what we would do without them! You know who you are, if you are reading this! xx

It was a busy summer!


The kids started school today - we have not one but TWO high schoolers! Rosie is in 9th grade and Caleb just started his last year of high school. (Yes I have been weepy!)

A cool development happened over the summer - Jonathan was asked to coach the Varsity Boys Volleyball team this fall, as Caleb is on it as well. He said yes and they just finished their “volleyball clinic” and tryouts are today. He is really loving it! And the kids love having dad up there too! They were shocked that their own dad knows so much about volleyball (They may have forgotten that it was one of his best sports in high school and college!)


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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We continue to move forward, albeit at a slower pace than I’d like, with Magtayo. Our board meets every couple months to make sure we are all on task for all the necessary things we are all doing - getting paperwork to the government, having necessary documents put together for our projected financials for the next 2 years, meeting with people whose specialties are working with NGOs and Non-Profit Livelihood programs and projects…a lot of “legwork” being done. Which is good. We, as a board, firmly believe this has to be a solid foundation from the ground up to be sustainable well-past our terms of being there. So we are being meticulous!


some planning from our last board mtg:



I am attending a Forum tomorrow morning, actually, put no by a global CEO here in the philippines doing Livelihood work, so I am super excited to glean ANY and EVERYTHING i can!


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We continue to serve nonprofits, NGOs and ministries here in Manila and the Philippines with pro-bono photography. Although our workload is much less than our first year, we are still busy! From shooting for missionaries, to bible dedications in the mountains with SIL International, to events of In-Visible, local Help Mandaluyong Animal Shelter , partnering with Serving Orphans Worldwide as an associate photographer and many more, PFAC continues to help so many with visuals of what they are doing and it’s been so exciting to see the networks being built.






Next week I will be shooting for In-visible again, as the founder (and my now dear friend) Adina will be in town. She also invited along to a meeting with the founder of Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc. (VF) - a woman who is on the forefront of human trafficking here in the Philippines. How exciting! So many opportunities.

I will also be going down to Catanduanes to shoot for some missionaries down there who wanted me to document and cover what they are doing - reaching the community of Caramoan and San Andres through rehabilitation of the reefs and aquaponics. SO SO COOL.


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 



We continue to build relationships and promote our Biblical and Leisure trips. These trips are not only amazing to go on and to host people on, but the profits help us live and do what we do here!


If you are a church or christian group and want to do a biblical tour of israel, greece and/or turkey, please contact us. we work with a guy in Turkey who has been doing this for 20 years and is brilliant in his history of the areas and Bible. We have a page here - Biblical Trip Advisor, but do contact us and we can make up your own tours to suit your group best!



Or if you just like to travel and see the world but in a unique way - not typical tourist, but want to really experience local customs and people, I have many itineraries available for you through Follow Your Heart Travel Experiencessmile emoticon




That basically brings you up to speed with our family and what we are all doing here!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are always blown away when we get messages of people wanting to give (big and small) to us and our ministry here. THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough, but thank you. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do here.

xxTracey for all 

xxTracey for all xxsmile emotic

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