We are building a house!

Before the weekend, we got word that the wire transfer had come through for Ate’s House Project…yes!!!

By Monday, we had gotten it exchanged and headed out to her place to do one last assessment of where we were going to begin.

 The view across the street from Ate’s lot - big fields of beautiful provincial land!


Ate’s Home…her new home will be 2x the size. She still can’t believe it’s really happening!


Ate Gina :)


The blue tarp is a makeshift room where her CR or washroom is. It will be so nice to not have to go outside to use the bathroom or shower once the new house is built!


Some of the lovely trees on the lot..fruit trees! 


Ate’s Street behind her lot..good thing we have a truck! :)


The mountain in the background is where they blast for marble. 


So we went and priced out supplies and put in our first order to be delivered today! It still seemed somewhat surreal for Ate when we were at the hardware store. :)

Ate & Jimmy, who is managing and working the project, at the hardware store.


Thank you again for your support and prayers throughout this project! Until the next House Update!

Tracey for all xoxo

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