Update on Ate's Home


The funds have come in and are being wired today, to get to us for next week!

THANK YOU AGAIN to all who have partnered with us in this project. Ate Gina is getting more excited as we talk about the planning of buying supplies and an approximate start date. 

Here are a few photos that Jimmy, the man in charge of the laborers to build the house, took when he went out there last Sunday to measure the lot and figure out what size house would best suit the lot.


 front view of Ate’s current house made of scrap wood, bamboo and metal.


 the view of her lot from the road. she has planted lots of fruit and vegetable plants and trees, and even built this bamboo fence around the perimeter of her property!


 side view of ate’s current house


Ate Gina and Jimmy measuring the size of her current house

photo (4).JPG

Ate Gina’s new house will be 22 ft x 16 ft, as the sketch is shown here. 

The wire transfer should be through next week and if there is no hiccup we could start as early as next weekend. :)

Again, we thank you and are super excited for this project! Until the next update, bless you all!

Tracey for The Heppners

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