Week 3 - The beginning of the end!

When I returned from Kalinga mountain province, I was thrilled to see the crazy progress on Ate’s House! There are walls! and a CR (comfort room/bathroom) is outlined!

After an almost one-hour meeting with Jimmy, crunching numbers, and seeing what else is needed to be completed, we came up with a plan and to have the house finished for April 30 - right on schedule.

The beam were being poured over the weekend and the roof materials made. This week the roof is to be finished, so Ate will be able to “loosely” move in over holy week, even though the floor is still dirt.

Next week is finishing the floor, the pipes and beginning onthe outside cement to seal the walls outside. The last few days will be making the windows and doors.

Here’s a front view of the new house in progress! So exciting!

 As of today, the last 2 of our pledges for the house have not yet come in. We are praying that God will continue to provide! He has done an amazing job of doing so thus far! Thank you for being a part of this amazing project!

Until next week!

Love Tracey et all xoxo

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