an update about the children's home in INDIA

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jonathan’s dad, the project manager for the children’s home in india recently wrote this:

I traveled to Chennai India on March 24 with the main purpose to meet the contractor and builder that I have used before in India. I like his work and he seems very reasonable in his charges. Plus he seems to know what he is doing.

We rented a taxi and drove to Minju - our site. It took a little less than1 hour. One of the first comments he had was the level of the property. The property is the same height a the street and there is no drainage on the street. 
He asked the care taker if the property floods. “Yes”, we were told. If the rain is heavy or long the whole property is flooded. So the first consideration was to realise the whole property needs to be raised 18”.
They took many measurements and have prepared two drawings which I just received yesterday.

Depending on which way we choose to go he will prepare a price on the construction and remodelling of the old building.
Most of our legal work is completed to bring Gentle Hands of India up to date. We have no outstanding obligations from our previous administration and we getting ready to move forward.
The normal practice is to give about 30-50% down payment with some additional payments throughout the project. We will know the full costs as soon as we send the plans back to him selecting the plan we wish to use. 
However we are in the process of studying them and may make other modifications as well.
This coming Monday, I will be back in India. More to come.


exciting times ahead!

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