some down time - by tracey

summertime is not quite here…but the beach on a sunday is a wonderful thing to do to keep cool. and with long days at school for the kids and myself at GH, a beach day was exactly what the doctor ordered.

the kids and i tagged along with jonathan’s sister, charity, the cousins and a truck load from GH to the beach at subic bay. it took about 2 hours to get there.

it was a wonderful time away from the city. :)


20110220_SUBIC-0027.jpg 20110220_SUBIC-0020.jpg 20110220_SUBIC-0035.jpg 20110220_SUBIC-0036.jpg

some of the scenery on the drive back home to manila…

20110220_SUBIC-0052.jpg 20110220_SUBIC-0054.jpg

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