there are no ducks here - by tracey

for 2 years i was in chronic neck pain. and i’m not talking a minor bothersome flinch. i’m talking full-on neck pain and my arms were turning numb and i was just a really grumpy person cuz of it. and it was totally affecting my photography in that i could no longer have on my back or hang things off my body. a SPIDER holster system was bought for the cameras and a LOWEPRO suitcase purchased for the gear.

my motherinlaw told me about her chiropractor. i had seen him once when we were here in oct 2009. he was weird. odd. totally fit the stereotype of “quack-opractor”. um, no thanks mom.

when the pain was not going away with cheap massages when we first came here, i thought about dr brush. what IF he could help me?

so… my first session with dr walter brush, chiropractor was april 9, 2011.

he was “quite concerned” at the degree and state my back and neck were in. he couldn’t tell initially where it all started but started by getting the hypertonic muscles to chill. how? this is where my “work” came in. heat packs 4-5 times a day to relax the muscles. continually stretching them afterwards. sleeping on my back with support under my neck. when sitting down on a couch, leaning my neck back on something so my neck wouldn’t be working to hold it up not sitting for long periods. no reaching up or pulling up motions. and definitelly no driving.

boy. this should prove to be interesting.

i was desperate though, you know? i wanted to be “functional” again physically. it had even affected my running - not that i’m a marathoner - but running was not enjoyable. oh, and no physical activity…for now.


it’s been 14 sessions since that first one. and the work that i have done in changing my lifestyle has been intense. i sleep with one of those ergonomic pillows, thanks to my friend shelley, who gave it to me a year ago to get rid of it out of her basement. (i think of you every night friend!). i sleep on my back. i sit up straight naturally now, with my shoulders back. i’m constantly conscious of how my posture is, if i’ve stretched, the amount of time sitting.

it’s been totally revolutionary.

and it’s been 14 sessions and i’m pain-free. it’s freaking remarkable. but it took time. and diligence. and a heckuva lot of patience.

last week i was thinking to myself, as i’m in a season of getting so much of my personal/spiritual life in order, that i wonder if i should ask dr brush about physical activity yet.

it had been almost 3 weeks since i saw him -the longest time in between visits. they started at 2x a week, then gradually to 2x every 10 days, then to 2 weeks. i was eager to find out what his thoughts were gonna be about how my back was  holding up.

if you follow my instagram, i sometimes post photos from the view of my table when i’m have my heat treatment before my actual chiropractic adjustment. they are somethin’ i tell ya. ;)

so tuesday was no different. did the crazy instagram photo while i laid on my front and she hot packed my neck and back and put that electric waves attached to make my muscles relax.

after 30 mins of that i went to the adjustment room. and waited for dr brush.

in he comes. he’s gotta be in his 50s. from california. married to a filipina i think. talks in doctor lingo…

the C5 and 6 are blah, blah, blah, and your cervical thorasis, blah, blah, blah”.

initially this really freaked me out. i had NO clue what he was talking about. but now, i still think it’s funny but i know what he’s talking about. sorta.

he checked me first. he was impressed at how much my last adjustment stayed. this was good! that my back, which he had diagnosed after a few treatments as being a congential issue that if not treated would debilitate me, was functioning at 85%!

wow. i was so overjoyed inside. this hard work and lifestyle change was paying off!!

just as i was going to ask him about physical activity he says, no lie, “so i think it’s time to give you some exercises for your lower lumbar now”

YES!!!! i was so happy!!

here’s what i have to do now - and i couldn’t be happier! :) Upload from July 22, 2011

 so things have really started looking up.

i am excited to start exercising again…and having a full life with my kids again has been wonderful. no more, “i can’t mommy’s back hurts and i have a brutal headache”.

taking back my life really. :) it’s liberating. and my chiropractor..he’s not a quack. he’s freaking fabulous. :)



so happy for you! i haven't had any chronic back pain, but i've had a few days here and there where i'm in incredible pain and can't move... i can't imagine dealing with it for a long time, like you've had to.
jonathan & tracey
jonathan & tracey
kristel - the happiness is so awesome. :) xo ~tracey

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