it's sept 1..time for a long-awaited update!

hola friends!

sept DID that happen? the kids go back to school in 6

the summer has flown by.. in fact i made this lovely big post with photos about what we did..but, alas…it crashed and all was lost. :( so here i am today..not with a lovely big post with photos..maybe a few photos.. :)

we had a bunch of jonathan’s family with us…8 of them in fact. some were here for a 2 weeks..some for 6 weeks. it was lovely chaos i tell you! :)


our kids had a great time with their cousins..and i think caleb and rosie seriously bonded with elijah and merry faye, their two cousins closest to their age. we had adventure days to keep the summer boredom at bay. the girls made scrapbooks. the boys shot LOTS of hoops. it was, indeed, a summer to remember.

then we moved…again.. into a little 2 bdrm basement suite, in our old hood, within walking distance from the kids old school.. yay! we thought to downsize to save money at every corner we could in preparation to our leaving. it’s quite a lovely little burrowing hole, if i must say.. :)

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i told the kids a week after we got here: if we can survive this for 4 months, we can survive ANYTHING! in fact, it has proved to be a really good thing for our family.

and we are…sept 1. today i emailed and mailed the LAST of the forms required for the kids for their applications to FAITH ACADEMY, the missionary kids school in manila.


one of the things that made this whole crazy adventure/process more real was when we had to ask evan, jonathan’s brotherinlaw, to write us a letter of call to the philippines.. this suddenly made things very real!


i acquired, what seems to be, an ulcer this eating and lifestyle has had to do some drastic changing. it’s good though. i’m on the mend so that is very good. jonathan just went to get xrays on his ankles that he wrecked as a teenager..there will most definitely be therapy and perhaps an operation before we leave..nothing like throwing in a few little things for good measure.. :)

we have been busy writing letters and getting dvd packets together for our friends regarding gentle hands and their building project and D.E.L., where we will be working when we move to manila. it’s been fun.. although, jonathan is NOT a secretary, let that be said. details and him..not so much.. :) but he has done a great job with what he’s got.. :)


our target date is dec 15-20th. we have this basement suite til dec 15 and can renew by month if necessary. the leaving process has begun..we said goodbye to our best friends scott & darlene and kids aug 23 as they head to waterloo, ON, where scott will go to school for his PhD.


change change change…ahhhhhhhhh. ya… :)

i hope to make posts to this blog much more come back soon.. :)


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I actually can't believe how big Caleb is now. WOW!

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