things always work out how they are supposed to work out


have you ever been in a situation when you know you shouldn’t fret or worry about something cuz you know it will work out in the end? ya that’s what i thought..only i have been.. ;)

well..this afternoon while getting all the juice from jonathan’s weekend away, we started talking about the kids schooling and housing when we move to manila. renting a house there is UNLIKE here.

there, you give them 6 months rent in advance. plus a damage deposit. that can be a hefty sum for some people.

also there, you have to buy EVERYTHING for your rental. no fridge. no stove. no oven. and of course all the furniture to boot.

so you can see how this can weigh heavily on the brain at times…

jonathan mentioned that he and his dad were talking about dad and mom’s apartment in makati. they are in the process of building a quaint little house outside the city, where land is cheaper and the air is cleaner. dad was repainting the apartment and was going to rent it out partially furnished. you know where this convo went dont you? :)

so then jonathan and i went back to our conversation about housing. what if we temporarily lived in makati? how much would it cost for transportation (bus) to Faith Academy for the kids? is it going to be cheaper than buying a vehicle at first (as buying a vehicle is another HUGE investment there..even for old cars…still $$$). when we started adding up numbers and weighing all the pros about living in makati til summer, it made sense.

1) we wouldn’t have to buy a car right away. everything in makati is a walk away or a jeepney/taxi ride away. the kids would be transported to school safely and quickly. it would be a decent trip on the train to Gentle Hands.

2) we wouldn’t have to come up with a ransom for a deposit on a place right when we get there. we could just be paying rent every month and putting some aside every month for when we find “the right” house for us closer to GH. i have a feeling the owners of the apartment would be ok with that. :) besides, we would be living there, taking care of’s a win-win for them too!

3) its right in the business district or “downtown” of manila.. i have always said i’d love to live right in the middle of the city someday..why not manila? :)

4) there is a farmer’s market every saturday in the park TWO BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE APARTMENT.

5) there are 6 starbucks in the 2 block radius. (i’m not a starbucks fanatic..but i’ll take it.)

6) there is a landline in the house already! landlines are IMPOSSIBLE to get and cost a fortune initially.

the list can go on and on and on, of all the pros.

i have only one major con, however.

1) it’s on the 6th floor. i would have to live in an apartment building. i am not a fan of heights. elevators and me: not cool. i think i will be getting my workout by using the stairs. :)

here’s some photos i took last october when we were there of the apartment building and the “village” it’s located in…salcedo village:

 the 6th floor on the right, above..the top one with the trees overhanging the bannister.


the view of the beautiful buildings everywhere!


the tree-lined streets..


the park where the farmers market is and where kids play with their nanny’s..

IMG_8560.jpg IMG_8558.jpg

a night shot…WOW!


thanks god for always the right time..and ALWAYS where we least expect it. :)

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