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my hour with my rosie - personal || vancouver photographer

today was student led open house at school…the kids have a stack of things to show their parents - work, art, projects - and talk about it all. most parents, i saw, were in there with their kid for about 20 minutes max.

my rosie does not know what a reader’s digest version ...

Spring 2010 Newsletter to be delivered! || by tracey

we have just made up our first newsletter!


and  YOU can get one. :) there are two ways - snail mail and email.

for those of you wanting to “go green” simply drop me an email and i will get it to you!

and those who would like a coloured newsletter on recycled paper ...

i am alive in this moment || by starfield

Alive In This Moment”

It’s been so long since I have met You here
Since I have said these words or cried these tears
And like a child would come I run into our secret place
And as the music fades, the tears are rolling down my face

I ...

my son..the almost teenager || ponderings by tracey

nov 11, 1997 in the afternoon, caleb michael joined the world.

the first born. the one you prepare so diligently for.


i can relate with caleb on so many levels, being a first born and a more melancholic personality. it’s tough being the first born; you should know better - you’re older. because ...

who is for you? || pondering by tracey


the last week has been a blur.. a fun blur..but nonetheless a blur…

jonathan comes home from being away for 10 days (oh single parenting!) and we jump right into my dear friend from SK coming and running a half marathon with me, that i failed to train adequately for ...