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He walked in. And in his hand? A bag of ‘House Blend’ Bona Coffee. He? Luis Gonzalez and his wife Candace. Wonderful friends of ours from the Philippines who have come to Canada to convince me that there IS good coffee grown in a country known for its fruit. 

Luis and Candace own a coffee company called Bona Coffee. A brilliant couple with an incredible passion to change the world.

And yes, of course they came here just for me. JUST KIDDING. But they should have. chuckle.

Now, it has been said I am a coffee snob…but lets set the record straight. I am passionate about the process of experiencing flavour. You follow? 
So as we chatted we scooped out some Bona coffee beans(which they specially delivered from the Philippines to my doorstep), ground them, put the grounds in my french press, and poured boiling water over them. Although the task takes only a few minutes, we both approached the task almost reverently, like painters handling a treasured canvas full of colours. Over the next few days, the ritual was repeated: A porcelain mug filled with the freshly brewed coffee. In real time?

I let the steam and the aroma envelop my entire face. There is always the adding cream and sugar(sorry for you purists…i love strength, creaminess and a sweet punch). I take a small, tentative sip. 
Whoa. I throw my head back, and my eyes shoot wide open. From a single sip, I can tell…again…i have captured something of heavens reality in my mouth.

The first time I had this cup of the divine, Luis saw my initial reactions and nervously said, ‘what do you think?’ I grinned and shook my head. Then I took another sip. This time I could taste more of the full flavours as they slipped over my tongue. By the third sip(cup…chuckle) I was hooked.

SO…my review? Here it is:

Sumatra is one of the world’s most distinctive coffee origins. And it has curried my favour and whole hearted commitment from the first moment i tasted it…sometime in 1998. The reason I say this is that what struck me initially was Bona Coffee’s assertion that their ‘House Blend’ was smoother than sumatra. Bold statement. It had BETTER be married with a brilliant coffee. chuckle. 

To their credit, it is. Brilliant, I mean.

Bona’s House Blend:
Low-toned and elegantly comfortable.
This coffee will be attractive(almost giving off pheromones…chuckle) to coffee drinkers who find the powerfully acidy coffees of Kenya and Central America too high-pitched and softer coffees like Konas, Mexicos and Brazils too delicate. Bona’s relaxed power doesn’t depend on acidity, rather on depth, weight and an echoing dimension. What is really incredible is that the they have successfully blended coffee beans to highlights the best parts of acidity, not remove it. In the process they have produced a blend that has greater breadth than any I have had! Wonderful.
They have created a richly ambiguous complex of flavor notes and the deep, rugged, pungent blends allows the coffee’s intensity to linger in your mouth. 
And the concentrated spicy, herbal notes and earthy flavour are sure to be the telltale signatures of this well-loved coffee.

So today, when you lift a cup of coffee and offer thanks to the Creator…curse your fate…cuz more than likely(unless you live in Manila) you are not drinking a beverage that is as good as the one I am drinking.

Bona Coffee’s House Blend…heaven in my mouth.



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