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the journey begins! - by tracey

i woke early this morning. 6:25am. not on purpose. but maybe it was on purpose.

as i rolled over and looked out our 8th floor window of our hotel at the fairmont airport hotel, i watch all the lights twinkle with the dark blue sky as their backdrop. morning ...

crunch time! i need more dark chocolate!! - tracey

we leave vancouver in one week for kelowna.

all the boxes that are being shipped leave our house today. they go out on the 21st. and their ESTIMATED time in manila is jan 22. sweeeeeeeeeet. camping for 3-4 in manila.. thinking we’ll be doing a little shopping.

went to richmond to ...

9-15-17-24 || some important numbers.. by tracey

9 days til our personal effects get shipped.

15 days til the pooch goes to manila via air cargo.

17 days til we leave vancouver to go to kelowna for christmas.

24 days til our plane leaves for manila.


when i look at all those dates, i get excited. nervous. giddy. stressed. hopeful ...