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this post is from my personal/photoblog..but it has some info on it, to get a glimpse of my life, currently.. :)

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this is a freaking miracle of sorts i’m witnessing tonight folks… both of my children, who LOVE to stay up late on friday night both announced, separately, that they were going to be..and it was BEFORE 10.

i’m still a little stunned. and with Lover over at scott’s tonight, i’m sitting here with my laptop! could life get any better for a social media addict/web surfer/photo taker-blogger person? i think not. :)

and so we will begin this blog post…

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i have been slacking on the 98 things the last couple excuse other than a couple of WAY too busy days. so i will do up 3 tonight to make up for the loss. no..make that 4.. 1 more for good measure.

#17 - release one grudge a month.

#18 - organize a day spa for women living at a domestic violence shelter with services donated from a local beauty school.

#19 - audition for community theatre.

#20 - get published.

wow! i totally love EVERY one of those.

its so easy to hold grudges, no? not just for big traumatizing things that happened when we those little children, but even for those times when we are older and someone pissed us off, or hurt us - intentionally or unintentionally - or if for our significant other forgetting something really important.

there is something so freeing about truly, “letting it go”. sometimes it seems like it is instant..and sometimes we have to let go of the same incident over and over for a month. but when we can feel truly free from that grudge - wow!! liberating with a capital L!!

(wow that was a soapbox..maybe i should sip my vino slower…!)

how i would love to collaborate with a beauty school to do something remarkable with women..and for me, i’d do it a step farther - take amazing photos for them to see their beauty on film.. wow.. i feel a project brewing. :)

auditioning for a community theatre. the last time i did that was in high school.

i will do it again. .maybe not anytime soon, as we are planning to leave vancity soon but i will do this i am thinking. how much fun would THAT be?!?

oooooooooooo..get published. i have been once. unintentionally tho. and my name wasn’t on it.. chuckle. a wedding i second shot with a photographer a few years ago..they had submitted a wedding to WEDLUXE. and the publishers of the magazine chose one of my photos that the photog included, as the MAIN full page photo. chuckle. i kinda felt bad for my friend. for a minute. :) giggle..

but seriously..i will get day.. whether for photography or writing or both.. i have far too much in the depths of my mac-brainage aka computer, that i would love to give the world.

just saying.. :)

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buona sera!!

come stai?

mi chiamo tracey!

io canadese..non italiana.

io sono bene!

ok i only know a few lines of italian from my very first class of italiano that i took on thursday night. i am SOOOO pumped! and my teacher, liana…oh my word…i love her!

why am i doing this, you may ask?

well because of the magical photo tour i’m organizing for this fall to tuscano and umbria. :)

if you are a photographer, this is JUST the photo tour for you. call it a glorified photo excursion if you will. :) castles, monasteries, medieval small towns…amazing food and wine…engagement and bridal sessions in ITALY. hello. for more info on the trip check out my FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY website.

grazie mille for reading my italiano babble.. ciao!

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i have made a blog specifically about our journey towards moving overseas to the philippines. the kids have even blogged on it.. :) i love that they were such a part of the decision to go. honestly, we have amazing kids. :)

the humanitarian organization, my sisterinlaw, charity, runs.. check it out - Gentle Hands.

i can’t WAIT to be there getting involved! i also want to dabble some in wedding photography in manila and asia..but we will see how that all pans out. :)

follow our blog at:

and be a fan of our page to follow our journey, on facebook:

i’m already concocting a FOLLOW YOUR HEART….TO THE PHILIPPINES tour for next year. :) :) :)

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the vancouver wedding photogs & second shooters group i co-founded with michelle libby, affectionately called “libby” by some, has been one of the most incredible, fulfilling endevors i have been involved in, in a long time… to see something that was birthed, over lunch (greek lunch i might add! bring on the tsiziki!!) with the dream of building a community for photographers to collaborate together and better themselves TOGETHER, now be 250 strong and essentially functioning on it’s own. WOW. simply wow!

i thought long and hard on how i was going to “hand it over” as we are moving…yes..i will admit - i take on a bit much sometimes…but only SOMETIMES! but i knew that the task to do everything i had been doing was shall i say.. daunting for just one. so i divided it up into a few parts..and HELLO! that was much easier to swallow!! so i’m so thrilled to have laura lui doing admin stuff like email, facebook, twitter, miranda lievers helping with website and putting together social GTG’s, jason ho taking charge of getting some photowanders together throughout the year, michael wachniak coordinating workshops and such..and libby will continue to bring her steady, lovely, fun self to keep it all from getting to serious.. i’m so thrilled with the team that has come together..i know that the 5 of them will be able to do MUCH more than i ever could for the community…5 brains are better than 1. ;)

not gonna lie..a part of me is leave the community that is so “family” for me.. but i know that they will go places and to be able to say that i had a little part in it..that’s good enough for me. :)

* * * *

just looked up and saw, that this blog post if a freaking novel!! hahahah

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to end i will boast of my amazing new tee shirts i have acquired today. a dear pinoy friend here in vancouver started this little “side” business that has grown into something freaking amazing. i bought a couple shirts just after christmas for friends -

[b]ecker owns this one in green:

and so does my dear friend have to know lani to know why i bought her this shirt. ;)

well i decided on sunday morning i was gonna order a couple different ones for myself. and did i mention she has these ADORABLE neenja buttons?!?!? ya she does..she’s is the bomb. :)

well i got the package and when i opened it there was a surprise -

isn’t it awesome? i am so happy. i can’t wait to wear it. in fact..i washed it already tonight and plan to wear it tomoro.. :)  and the other shirts i got, cuz i just had to have them:

thanks for the amazing goodies, kym!! to check out more of her stuff, go to her etsy store: herroachi

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well friends..i am going to put you out of your misery.. :) and go to bed.. :) happy weekend!


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